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Fund the breakthrough that could heal hearts and save lives.”
Watch Kim’s full story and learn more about research that will amaze you

The doctors said it was her heart. There was nothing anyone could do.

Kim and her family thought they’d get to share many more moments with Tina, their beloved mother and grandmother. But at 63, Tina died suddenly.

Doctors couldn’t repair the damage to her heart.

Tina’s story is far too common. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are living with heart disease. Today’s treatments can prevent some injured hearts from getting worse, but they can’t reverse the damage.

Your monthly donation will fund a breakthrough that could repair damaged hearts. Make your gift online or by phone at 1-877-882-2582.

“At the moment our therapies will try and maintain heart function, but in my mind that’s not good enough.” - Dr. Kim Connelly

This breakthrough will change everything

For the first time in history, researchers are on the verge of reversing heart damage through the promise of regenerative medicine.

1) Dr. Kim Connelly and his team remove specialized cells from a patient’s own body.

2) These cells are grown and modified in a petri dish so they become “super-charged”.

3) Then they are injected back into damaged areas of the heart.

4) The goal is for these new cells to help regrow heart muscle and reverse the damage that’s been done.

With your support, researchers could help a heart heal itself in only 5 to 10 years.

Support the Breakthrough Fund
breakthrough fund

A breakthrough in heart disease treatment is within our reach.
Some of the best medical minds in the world – like Dr. Connelly – are working tirelessly to reverse heart damage and save the moments we cherish from being taken away too soon. That’s why we have established the Breakthrough Fund.

Your monthly gifts to the Breakthrough Fund are absolutely vital to providing a steady stream of funding for complex and time-consuming research. Without consistent support from people like you, funding can dry up, and staff may move on to other projects. This leaves the research on hold, and can even set back the progress made.

You can keep research on course towards a major breakthrough.

Start your monthly giving today, and join a special group of Canadians dedicated to healing hearts and saving lives.

Your monthly gifts at work

Donor-powered research grants have led to breakthroughs.

From the first successful heart transplant in Canada to identifying the risk factors that lead to 90% of all heart attacks, our researchers save lives. Today, donor dollars ensure even more breakthroughs give Canadian families more moments -- and more time --together.

$31 million
invested in life-saving research
research grants and awards
individual researchers

(2016 research figures)

“We need to fund the next breakthrough, so that people don’t have to go through the pain that we have” - Kim Zetazate